Stumbling in to poetry

I have decided to enter a poetry competition.

The Newcastle Poetry Prize crossed my radar via Facebook the other day and I decided it was time to challenge myself. I must admit, for someone who wants to be a writer, I do very little writing, and I am not just talking about my novel. One of my goals is to write more short stories. Not finding time and motivation to write my novel, and also not writing anything else apart from blog postings is just ridiculous. How do I expect to hone the craft? Gain any skills? I was once a good writer for my age…in my teens. But I cringe when I look back at the writing! It was clearly written by a try-hard teen. I would hate to think I write like that now and I will never find out, or improve if I have to, if I don’t get writing!

So to poetry. Well its been even longer since I wrote poetry. And then it was  childish and sing songy…a rhyming ramble. There is nothing wrong with rhyme, but there is something wrong with it if it doesn’t sound right when I read it back to myself. And my memory of poetry beyond basic rhyming prose is fuzzy to say the least. I have never read much poetry…I am a short story kinda girl when it comes to easy reading. Due to this lack of interest I haven’t paid attention to poetry since school 10 years ago so I’m very rusty on knowing the basics of good poetry. But the challenge of that is exciting!

I think I’m doing this wrong…

I am going to enter this thing, even if my entry is bad and even though the cost of entering is $33. And I am not entering because 1st prize is $12,000 (because lets face it, I’m not going to get 1st prize!). I’m entering because I just need to get a move on with writing as a whole and this is a nice little goal.

So over to you, please help me get back into poetry!

I would appreciate any recommendations on:

  • sites that will take me through the basics of poetry style
  • sites with poetry to read in a pleasant reading format
  • or even poetry books I can get under $5 on my Kindle

It might seem like a very amateur start for someone planning to enter a competition but I am entering the competition for learning and motivation, not for winning.

Thanks in advance! 🙂


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