The Declaration – I AM A WRITER!

So it’s day one of 15 Habits of Great Writers, and already I am being made to think very hard about my perceptions of myself.

Today Jeff is asking me to declare I am a writer.

The difficulty I am having with this speaks volumes. I work full time in Industrial Relations a career that involves advising and problem solving, rarely writing. I want to write a novel but I am struggling to find the time…I haven’t even wrote so much as a short story in a long time. This blog is called ‘Apparently a writer’ for a good reason, it is a title I chose to nudge me every time I read it, to give me the mental push of “Dani, you can’t call yourself a writer if you don’t write…get writing!”. For many people, the problem is that they don’t consider themselves writers if they are not published. I am not so hard nosed about it but I struggle to consider myself a writer when I don’t write much at all, whether it be for profit or for leisure. But sometimes we have to remember that being a writer is not always about physically sitting down and writing. Life gets in the way. But I AM A WRITER. I always have been. There are things that prove this to me every day and I have to start seeing them for what they are. I have got to stop calling myself a ‘wannabe writer’. I AM a writer, who is a wannabe novelist! 🙂

Evidence that I am a writer, which I need to remember:

  • My whole life I have caught myself narrating the scenes around me, the day as it ticks along, in my head. I picked up on this when I lived in Sydney and commuted by train for 45 minutes each way to work. I wasn’t just observing the chaos of city rail, I was describing it in narrative form in my head, detailing the actions and idiosyncrasies of other passengers, the mood of the day, and the weather, sounds and smells I was experiencing. It was no wonder I would often shut my eyes and blast my headphones and take a nap. I was exhausting myself!
  • I recently started a sewing blog, and this blog, and returned to my old blog, and I love them. Blogging is writing after all!
  •  In a previous job in HR and OHS, I managed to work my way into a communications role that I loved, writing a newsletter read by several thousand employees, releasing staff alerts, and writing intranet pages from scratch. I loved the work and was told I was very good at it. I was very much under qualified for the job and only got in through persistence and proving my ability to write.
  • Even in my current job I have discovered I achieve far better outcomes by writing emails than by calling, people understand me better and often comment about how well things are written. It is not that I communicate terribly when speaking, more so that I communicate so well when writing. A bonus when in my line of work email is usually a hindrance.

I think when it comes to declaring oneself a writer, a big block is the idea that it means “professional writer”: either a published author or a person who has decided to live on the poverty line for a while to see if they can be a published author. I am neither of these things, and I never get time to creatively write, which is what I want. But that is ok. That is not the only way to be a writer.

I am a writer by nature and in my heart.

THAT, I declare. 


4 thoughts on “The Declaration – I AM A WRITER!

  1. I have a problem with the professional/published part too. Whenever I have thought about declaring myself to be a writer before, that part has stood in my way. Between this challenge and the convention I went to two weeks ago, I don’t have a problem with that anymore. I am a writer. Putting together words nourishes my soul, and whether those words are ever published doesn’t matter. It’s the creative part that matters the most. Looking forward to going through this challenge with you. If you get a chance to look, here’s my blog address.

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  3. I narrate scenes around me in my head, too! Not in quite as much detail as you describe, but I do it – I’ve never really thought about whether or not that was normal before!

    Yes, you’re definitely a writer, and I’m sure Jeff will help you to become a novelist – as part of your declaration, why not remove the question mark from the tag line of your blog and make it a statement: “I’ll write this novel one day. And it will be good?”

    Believe in your ability and make it happen!

  4. Now that you’ve come out… 😉 you can really begin. All it takes is an idea that won’t go away. Sometimes those are hard to find, but most writers have them hiding around in their heads somewhere. Looking forward to seeing what “being a writer” for you will give us.

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