Hunkering down.

I recycled a small box languishing in my cupboard. It is an ‘archive box’ but much prettier. Prettier is good.

I have filled it up gradually this week. Lovely fresh notebooks from a new friend, pens, bundles of notes, The Writers Marketplace 2005, short stories by Roald Dahl, a literary magazine.

It will go with me to my boyfriend’s childhood home, near the beach, in the sun, nestled in the days that rest between Christmas and the New Year. I will leave my PC behind, perhaps even my netbook. The Kindle can come.

The ideas have been churning all week. I know this time I won’t have to force it. I know I won’t be distracted, with an extra week following in which I plan to focus on other things: sewing, socialising, planning for the new year.

But for this week I have one goal, one desire, one need.

I am hunkering down. I am going to read. And I am going to write.

archive box


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