I’m sitting here with a glass of fruity red wine. I’ve discovered I stop worrying about other things and start writing when I have a little wine. My chronic headaches and migraines will prevent me from becoming an alcoholic writer so I can enjoy the energy without fear…at least in theory.

A lot is happening at the moment. Not really in the writerly sense but certainly in the rest of my life. My boyfriend an I are looking to move into a larger home. We rent and its a stressful, drawn out process. With any luck though, we will live by the lake or the sea 🙂 I am applying for other jobs, but also making an effort to up my quality of work in my current job. If I cannot move on I would like leverage to ask for a tiny promotion at my 2 year anniversary. I made a decision to stop indoor climbing for a while. My routine was becoming far too busy and my climbing partner was also unable to commit. It was just becoming too much. I also have a couple of important sewing projects coming up, and my volunteer work will start up again soon.

And then there is writing. I feel on the verge of this thing becoming more meaningful. I feel ready to write alot of fiction, and to commit to writing. I currently have an ideal writing space to do good work in and have slightly more time to do it (if you ignore all the running around to tenancy inspections that is). I know my story and I want to write it. I have a good feeling about it. I feel like it just works. I also know that I want, and need, to look at writing in the other aspects of my life. One of the jobs I am applying for involves alot of writing and that would make me a very happy camper 🙂

I also narrowed down my desired literary journal and writer’s magazine subscription list to as follows:

Any thoughts on them? I have a current hard version of The Writer and a PDF of Writer’s Digest. I have none of Writers’ Forum and I have a 2006 copy of Voiceworks. I only just discovered Kill Your Darlings online. Its relatively new and looks great. Unfortunately none of the Writer mags are Australian but both the literary ones are.

More importantly, who would like to fund my subscription hopes? 😛


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