Brief post tonight, as I psych myself up to plug in the usb stick to open Scrivener for the first time in months.

I want to take a moment to shout out to an amazing author and blogger, Catherine Ryan Howard of Catherine Caffeinated.

Catherine’s blog is primarily about self-publishing, in which she has found success with her travel memoirs. Catherine’s ultimate goal is to forge a career as a fiction author through traditional publishing.

Catherine has turned the waiting game to get self-published into a career that pays.

Catherine has helped me set goals:

  1. Write the damn book
  2. Seek agent
  3. If without agent and/or publisher within 2 years, but with no disdainful comments about my writing ability or the story, start path to self-publishing. (Unless I personally make the decision that I need more growth in my writing and the first novel is simply not ‘the one’)

There is alot in between all that including being more active in the writer’s online world, building my blog(s) and giving my readers something worth reading, but above are the core goals. And I am now confident I could self-publish well and maybe even successfully.

And since this provides plan for at least 3 years, unless I get an instant deal (ha), or write the book in 3 months (double ha), I can remain seated in my ‘day job’ for the next three years gaining the skills to part time freelance that work later if I decide to take the leap into self published writing.

I will be honest with myself and all of you. I haven’t written a word in months. But that is about to change. I can’t do this day job forever. I don’t hate it, I am not miserable. But it just isn’t me.

So thanks Catherine, for inspiring both confidence and realism. In your honour, a picture of coffee from a couple of weeks ago. With a double choc Wagon Wheel. And a Kindle since all my real books were still in boxes post move 😛



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