Competition winners!

As promised, today I announce the winners of my first little competition.Those who entered needed to comment on this post with a a writerly or readerly share such as a blog I and other readers might enjoy, a website full of resources, or a YA / teen book they recommended.

There were to be three winners who would each receive two unique bookmarks from the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children in Australia.


In the end there were four commenters, all with great books, resources and opinions to share. And I’ve decided all four get the prize! I have enough bookmarks to give out four lots of two, so if the following people send me their postal address (to I will send out prizes tomorrow:

Thanks for your input everyone!

I know I indicated I would start posting in the Everything He Knows About Writing blog series over the weekend, however I got a mini-cold / hayfever attack and couldn’t really manage alot of things I was planning. However I did read and love Divergent, as Amanda recommended, so it wasn’t all bad 🙂 The blog series will begin very soon!


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