Everything he knows about writing #1

‘Everything he knows about writing’ is an Apparently a Writer blog series, where I am posting my way through the 600 writing topics listed in John Marsden’s book Everything I know About Writing. Find the explanatory post here, and all posts in the series here. Topics 1-93 fall under the category “Quickies”.

#1 – What’s your favourite kitchen appliance, and why?

Like anyone who owns one, I of course consider my Thermomix as my favourite appliance. In fact I think owning one means I would be cheating at this topic if I wrote about it. The thing does almost everything, manages to both thrill and terrify me, left a spectacular spray of purple over the kitchen the other day when boyfriend tried to make his daily smoothie, and I just can’t bring myself to call it a “Thermie” like other affectionate owners do. It’s pretty vicious, leaving me with the feeling I should really call it Sid or something similar. I feel like if I were to call it “Thermie” it would probably swear at me.

Point is, I could write endlessly about it, in very creative ways, but this exercise is meant to be at least a teeny bit challenging.

Instead I am going to write about my next favourite appliance: the slow cooker.

She is grubby, greasy and not very pretty. She has a singed sticker on her facade, drawling “Some people say I’m slow…. eh?”, the result of a label maker being left within reach of a joker. She wears it with quiet humor.

She is slow, it’s true. And I love her for it.

A few choice ingredients thrown in and she is forgotten, warming slowly on the bench as weekend activities buzz past her. I might sweep, wash clothes, read or write, pay bills. Then gently, carefully, a homely aroma starts catching me. First I need to walk right past her at the right moment. Then I need only to leave the room and walk back in to be hit with a wave of pending deliciousness. Then all of a sudden, without realising it, my head is fuzzy with a whole of house warmth, a scent of meals cooked the way they were when I was young. I don’t really know how Nanna and Mum did it on a stove. Without her I would be clueless, she makes it so easy.

She makes me feel a little capable, a lot humble, and very much like I am creating a home. She doesn’t have a name, but I don’t think she needs or wants one. She seems beyond that.


Pic from Dani’s day: Cold beer helps with the writes 🙂


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