A disjointed life

This last couple of weeks I have barely posted because I have barely had the energy to go to and from my day job and contribute meaningfully to it, let alone do more.

I had a week long headache which was the main culprit.I have minor surgery pending for an ovarian cyst which will hopefully help. The generic ‘symptoms’ I have had over the last couple of years are unbearably disruptive to my work, my relationships, my fitness and my hobbies. Writing always comes last of course and this is becoming increasingly upsetting. The cyst may not be the core reason for my problems but it is certainly exacerbating them. I hate the term “health problems” and the connotations it brings. I want to burn with energy and achieve great things. I hate feeling lazy, or worse, incapable. I am looking forward to moving forward.

In spite of this, there are little brightnesses in life! I finally got sick of having nowhere truly comfortable to read a book, so went on a mission to find a “reading chair” which would also double as a “recovery chair” post surgery. I am very, very pleased with my find, a leather chesterfield recliner:


This only cost me $50! A bargain considering it only has minor wear. The only problem will be keeping boyfriend out of it haha.

I also pushed through the headache to go out for dinner and a drink with the work girls, and realised I need to do so more often. Its good to talk and gossip and laugh occasionally.

I am also sad The Office is coming to a close. Which is probably not helped by the last few episodes being better than the whole last 3-4 seasons.

I am also finding peace from the craziness and pain with this a short stroll from my front door:


Life is good, if disjointed, and will soon hopefully be alot more on track.


4 thoughts on “A disjointed life

  1. I know what you mean about being disjointed. I have had some health issues myself this spring. And I’ve also been busy with baseball (Both of my boys play,) and finishing up with their school year. (We homeschool.) Looking forward to doing more writing this summer. Hope your surgery goes well.

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