Everything he knows about writing – #4

‘Everything he knows about writing’ is an Apparently a Writer blog series, where I am posting my way through the 600 writing topics listed in John Marsden’s book Everything I know About Writing. Find the explanatory post here, and all posts in the series here. Topics 1-93 fall under the category “Quickies”.

#4 – List 10 uses for dead batteries.

(assuming they aren’t leaking)

  1. Weights to hold my patterns when I cut fabric
  2. Wheels for craft cars
  3. Something to throw at Indian Myna Birds (not to be confused with native Noisy Miners).
  4. Tiny watch batteries used to make ‘dot art’
  5. Old Nokia phone batteries used as dominoes
  6. Old Nokia phone batteries for kids to build depressingly drab city scapes
  7. Car batteries as door stops
  8. Convincing a kid that the noisy toy is broken, it’s not the batteries 😉
  9. As a loving gift to Arthur Weasley
  10. A dead car battery to trick and incapacitate Tony Stark…you know…before he was Iron Man and didn’t need a car battery.

Click on image for original source 🙂

Ok, so the last to were not exactly original haha.


Pic from Dani’s day: crochet squares, cupcakes and an old coin fell out of my reading chair!


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