Everything he knows about writing – #5

‘Everything he knows about writing’ is an Apparently a Writer blog series, where I am posting my way through the 600 writing topics listed in John Marsden’s book Everything I know About Writing. Find the explanatory post here, and all posts in the series here. Topics 1-93 fall under the category “Quickies”.

The observant/quick clickers amongst you will notice that I accidentally published the draft for #5, minus content, before I had even published #4. Lesson in tabbed browsing that one. You should all now have #4, and here is #5 properly done 🙂

#5 – Give five ways of stopping a plane when its breaks have failed.

  1. Use another plane to drop specially trained parachutists on it. One parachute will land them on the plane. They will be carrying another plane-parachute to attach the the fuselage, and deploy a third parachute when they jump back off the plane. The plane will then drop all fuel, lose its wings and float on down.The plane-parachutes and ejectable wings may only be in prototype….but shhh it’s a secret.
  2. Drop ALOT of jelly (jello) in a river. Keep all children away as salty jelly may scar them for life.
  3. Design a special runway addition to be deployed in such situations which basically consists of huge, controlled air thrusters like in that Coca Cola commercial x 1000.
  4. Send out a huge cushioned platform on wheels which the plane will need to precisely hit at just the right angle and speed to create substitute wheels
  5. Send in Iron Man.

Ok yes, I have Iron Man on the brain because I saw Iron Man 3 having not seen any Iron Man movies before and LOVED it.

Also, I think after my exceptionally creative responses 1-4, I deserve a bit of sexy Robert Downey Junior asssistance 😛


Pic from Dani’s day: soba noodles and mirin. New ingredients to try a homemade beef teriyaki tonight….hopefully NOM!


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