Everything he knows about writing – #6

‘Everything he knows about writing’ is an Apparently a Writer blog series, where I am posting my way through the 600 writing topics listed in John Marsden’s book Everything I know About Writing. Find the explanatory post here, and all posts in the series here. Topics 1-93 fall under the category “Quickies”.

#6 – What is the most beautiful part of your body? Describe it. What is the ugliest? Describe it.

I recently decided my freckles are my favourite part of my body. At the very least I find them the most fascinating. My face has hardly any freckles, they have all faded and disappeared as my face has grown into adulthood. But my arms and my upper chest are an entire galaxy of freckles. Far too many to ever count. I didn’t grow up feeling ‘freckly’ and I have certainly never been self conscious about them. I was barely conscious of my freckles existing anyway.

Then a few months ago, for the first time in my life, I got to watch a freckle grow. The tops of my hands have a few light freckles, but the palms, like most people, are freckle free. One day I noticed a pen mark on my palm, at the point where it is pretty much my wrist. But it wouldn’t come off. Over the weeks I watched it grow into a fully formed freckle. It now sits there, one freckle among thousands, the only one of them I feel a total awareness for. They are all a part of me and I think they are beautiful.

My least favourite part of my body, my ‘ugly’ if you will, is a part that I only ever catch a glimpse of in a bad photo or in a change room where there are two opposing mirrors. If one were to stand behind me at an angle, one would notice that my neck, jawline and lower chin all sort of blend together, a layer of pre-teen pudge that never quite went away. I hate seeing myself from that angle! Truth told, I don’t think anyone notices it and maybe many women have the same softness. I’m grateful that it’s hard for me to see. For the most part I forget it’s there 🙂

Pic from Dani's Day: The overlocker needs rethreading. I may put this task off all day :/

Pic from Dani’s Day: The overlocker needs rethreading. I may put this task off all day :/


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