Everything he knows about writing – #7

‘Everything he knows about writing’ is an Apparently a Writer blog series, where I am posting my way through the 600 writing topics listed in John Marsden’s book Everything I know About Writing. Find the explanatory post here, and all posts in the series here. Topics 1-93 fall under the category “Quickies”.

#7 – If you had to move, where would you like to live and why?

My partner and I have been talking about running away recently. Not right now, but in a couple of years. On top of my runaway list is London. I would immensely love to live in a little house or apartment in London. To work part time and spend the rest of my days writing and immersed in culture and literary history. To drink copious amounts of hot drinks by fireplaces, book in hand. To finally experience living in a place that sometimes becomes frosted, snowy and icy in the depths of winter.

Second on my list is Melbourne, a creative and cultural hub for Australians, where I can write, attend creative writing school, find work easily in my ‘day job’ field and watch my man enjoy his creative side, making music and taking photos.

Unfortunately, neither of these places are good for surfers, so he has his reservations. My man is not content unless half the ocean is pouring out of his nose in the middle of the night, from a proper dumping earlier in the day.

But I think I can convince him. Running away is always fun 🙂

Pic from Dani's day: It's hoodie and blog writing weather!

Pic from Dani’s day: It’s hoodie and blog writing weather!


3 thoughts on “Everything he knows about writing – #7

  1. The surf is about and hour and a half from Melbourne……… two hours if you want hit Bells beach……… drag him to Melbourne, I can stand the writing competition.

    • Thanks for the advice! He’s used to having the beach a 10min drive away max but I don’t think he realises that it’s not really as far from Melbourne as you would think 🙂

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