Something exciting

So I just wrote and sent my first ever submission to a literary magazine.

I literally wrote, edited and sent it in half an hour.

This is obviously not how I intend to operate with future submissions. It just happened that way. I finally picked up the recent issue of the magazine I bought and the theme lent exceptionally well to a recent event in my life. I was a little frustrated I had missed it but then realised that the theme for the next  issue is even more apt. The submissions had to be in by tomorrow.

I sat down to write and really spilled some emotion onto the page, yet fairly succinctly. It probably needed more editing. In fact it almost certainly did. But I discovered the opportunity too late for that and truthfully, the raw emotion of the event meant that tonight was probably the first night I could have wrote it properly anyway.

I honestly think I will even be happy with just a rejection email. Because even just a rejection email will be the first of many emails from literary magazines, both bad and good. It will spur me on to try harder, again and again.

I think I made a pretty big leap tonight! 🙂


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