Coming out of the fog

Almost two weeks ago I had minor surgery.

The doctor removed a cyst and the ovary it was living in.

And seems to have restored my brain.

Yes, I know this is all too much information about my body for a blog about writing, but now that I am pretty much recovered it is clear that the rogue thing growing in me has had more impacts on my life than just headaches and cramps.

I have been in an intellectual funk for at least 2-3 years. Writing has been pretty much impossible. Even reading was a challenge. On any given day the extent of my efforts have been to watch reruns of Big Bang Theory (for the millionth time). For a long time I thought it was just laziness, but the way I have been feeling for the last week and a half I am beginning to think otherwise. I just feel that great!

Work starts back on Monday so we’ll see if I can maintain the momentum. I spent alot of the last two weeks resting and it will be a while before I get my strength back but I am sensing big change.

In my time off, I did do some reading, including this:

Monkeys with Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas.

Monkeys with Typewriters: How to Write Fiction and Unlock the Secret Power of Stories by Scarlett Thomas.

What a great read! By the end of this book I was scrambling to write and put the advice and strategies the author shares into practice. It is extensive and detailed on the aspects of writing it covers, including a deep look at the history of plot as the first half, with the second half consisting of a lot of useful tips and activities for developing one’s fiction writing.

Using this book I now have a clearer goal for my book, a clearer purpose. I just started working on character motivations and firming up the plot and will begin solid writing very soon.

Times are good! 😀


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