My novel is going to explore some big ideas.

It is about purpose. Whether our lives have purpose, whether one persons individual existence has purpose, whether purpose is fixed, can be altered, or is entirely invented.

Yet on the surface, the story will be about teenagers coming of age, with a very strong element of science fiction that may work wonderfully, or may be over the top for what I need it to achieve.

And then there is the political stuff that found its way in there, that I just wasn’t expecting.

And of course there are the big plot holes that I have no idea how to fill.

It’s any wonder I haven’t written it yet. It’s terrifying! How do I do this story justice? I know there is an incredible story in there but how can I, a total amateur, ever hope to get it right?

It’s hard enough deciding if it will be one book or three. Written well it would be three. Which means it will probably be one. Ha!

Does this sound redundantly negative?

It’s meant to. I have to face this insecurity and move forward in spite of it. I have to convince myself I can do something remarkable. That I myself am more remarkable than I realise.

You’re a wizard Dani.


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