Camp NaNoWriMo and other happenings

Firstly, a look back at the goals that came from the Newcastle Writer’s Festival, and an update on where I am at with them:

  • Join a writers group. Not there yet.
  • Write and submit an entry for Grieve Writing Competition. Done! A very personal one. Will post here eventually regardless of outcome 🙂
  • Write a short story “The Lawyer’s Wallet”. Not done yet.
  • Complete Camp NaNoWriMo for April. Have so far committed to 50,000 words, but may revise to 40,000. Happening now! Revised to 20,000 words due to chaos in my personal life and a desire to be realistic. Very much okay with that choice. The motivation is strong and I’m making progress!
  • Start participating in ABC Open’s 500 Words writing challenge. In progress, I have drafted and am sitting on an entry for the latest topic of “Grandparents”. Plan to revise and submit by Thursday.
  • Look into, and potentially start participating in, Friday Fictioneers. Not done yet

I am very happy with my progress on these goals so far, especially Camp NaNoWriMo! A friend and I are both just running with it, writing down words no matter how crap they may be. And it’s working! I am writing more than I have in years. It feels so good.

Feelings about my story at this point in time:

  • NOT happy with the layout of the story. Feels disjointed on perspective, jumping from past to present too much. But it is what is working in my head at the moment so I’m running with it. Will fix later. Much later.
  • AM happy with the characters,  they already have strengths and weaknesses that I like and don’t like in all the right places. Does that make sense? I guess what I am trying to say is that they are well rounded to me, good and flawed in realistic ways, and that makes me happy.
  • AM happy with the slowly developing main story arc. Believe it or not, my main story hasn’t fully formed in my head. The outcomes and meanings have, but not the vehicle to get there. But with this project it is coming together and I’m excited. Even if it is opening up LOADS more research that needs to be done *sigh*

I have written this post without my usual editing vigour and am just going to post it straight away, because I am feeling very crazy right about now and just letting things happen as they happen. Good times!

My hyperactivity may or may not be a result of Cadbury bunny consumption

My hyperactivity may or may not be a result of Cadbury bunny consumption