Nanowrimo and Ikea

I’m attempting Nanowrimo. Six days in and I’ve written about 2000 words so I’m not exactly on track. My ex is here trying to write a 1500 word essay that’s due tomorrow night though so we are trying to motivate each other. I’ve so far modified my Ikea Raskog trolley into a reading/writing station (see pic below), made tea, stuffed around looking for something to add to the top of the Raskog to make it a mini standing desk, and started writing this post. The procrastination is real.



Procrastination vs. too many interests. Which exactly can I blame my lack of writing on?

I was looking for a picture of Lisa Simpson procrastinating, to accompany this blog post, when I found out that there is a whole episode in which Lisa procrastinates instead of writing a novel. So what did I do? Went and watched it instead of doing some writing, or planning, or plotting, or character developing.

And after all that, this was the best image I could come up with…though Lisa finds far more to do while procrastinating than this picture depicts.

Anyway the whole thing got me thinking that there is more than just straightforward procrastination getting in my way: I suddenly, recently, have a full and satisfying life. There are hobbies, activities and endless entertainment and education at my fingertips. How do I prioritise all that?

My week now includes:

  • 35 hours per week of work, 7 hours of lunchbreaks that usually get spent on social media.
  • Enjoying a new hobby of sewing as a beginner
  • Blogging about said hobby
  • 2 evenings of indoor climbing
  • 1 evening of State Emergency Service (SES) volunteer training
  • Online sew school modules
  • Time with my man
  • Occasional time with friends and family
  • Occasional enjoyment of the Kindle (often in the previously mention lunchbreaks)

And thats not to mention 1-2 hours each week wasted on grocery planning and shopping, several hours on cooking dinners and packing lunches, washing clothes, cleaning up, driving etc.

That’s not to say I don’t have plenty of time to myself, I do. But when I get it it’s often a choice between sewing, writing, reading, discovering, watching some TV etc. All these activities I find enjoyable and satisfying. Am I struggling with procrastination? Or is really just a lack of ability to prioritise? Or even a total lack of interest in prioritising?

Whilst I don’t consider myself as intelligent andĀ conscientiousĀ as I imagine an adult Lisa Simpson to be, I do think I am alot like her and I have spent most of my life assuming myself the intellectual. In recent years I discovered not only that that was not who I was, but also that I was not that person due to conscious choice. Life was always too short to stay buried in books or to pretend to like maths. Despite that realisation, it was only recently that I attempted to explore my creative side, and the joy I am gaining through sewing is wonderful. When I have time to spare at the moment, I am either sewing, reading about sewing, planning sewing, or diving into the online sewing community. It is my priority at the moment and writing is not, and I am ok with that because sewing is bringing me so much joy, satisfaction and relaxation (when it is going well anyway).

I am not saying I want to give away the idea of being a writer. I want to write this novel very much. I just think I am beginning to understand why it is not happening at the moment. The next thing to figure out is how to make it happen!